Screen Lover

Open silkscreen workshops
13-23 december 2010, De Zwarte Ruyter
, Van der Takstraat 107
3071 LK Rotterdam

The first results of the several workshops and individual courses at the Zwarte Ruyter are finished. The workshop is open to anybody who is in the need of doing instead of complaining, getting loose on the smell of ink and to burn some wood during the dark days.

Day 3 

It’s already the third day of printing and we are getting more and more colourful. The workshop is open every day from 10am-6pm, including the weekend! Each day at least one Screen Master is working here to help you out, to advise and give a short tutorial. Costs are 10 € for the first day, every next day you are working 5€.

The price includes free use of paper and material. The only thing you have to bring is your transfer sheet with your ‘design’.

Day 4 

It’s the fourth day of Screen Lover and despite the heavy weather the pile of prints is getting bigger and bigger. At this moment the Ruyters are working on the first DZR souvenirs. Exciting!

Day 5 

Our hands are stained and we live in our blue overalls. The Ruyters are happy to announce that the generous Stefan Hoffmann provided us three screens to make sure that every Screen Lover can multiply their designs.