Micaela Damásio

Ons Portugees Meshlid Micaela Damásio heeft het zeefdrukken op textiel heel aardig onder de knie gekregen door de jaren heen. Meerdere drukgangen op textiel, vreemde textielen (o.a. vilt) , repeterend drukken (o.a. babydekens); ze beheerst het allemaal na veel uitproberen en oefenen. Ze verstaat prima Nederlands, maar drukt zich gemakkelijker uit in het Engels. Ze is nu bezig met een crowdfunding om met haar bedrijf Micastricas naar Playtime in Parijs te kunnen gaan. Vooral haar unieke interactieve ontwerpen zullen het daar zeker goed doen.

Wie ben je?
I’m Micaela, a person who likes illustration. It can be on paper, fabric, walls or bodies, you name it! I love to silkscreen, to create things for my label Micastricas. I like to dance and have loads of love to give and I try to be my best everyday! 6 years ago I decided to explore a different city which lead me to Rotterdam. Moving here was a big change! New city, new life, new jobs, new friends! A great adventure! Now I feel at home here and I’m really happy I have this opportunity!

Wat doe je in het dagelijks leven?
I’m always jumping in between jobs…atelier, screen-printing, helping out at Lost & Found pop up store, a part time job in another store…and the 7days of the week are taken. But what I really like to do, is to create things and give presents to everyone. If I could I would give much more!

Hoe ben je begonnen met zeefdrukken?
First time I screen printed in my life was more than 10 years ago and I didn’t really know what it was exactly. A couple of years later I started to have some ideas to print on fabric and a very close friend shared the wonders of screen printing. I got more and more interested and when I moved to Rotterdam I was decided to learn the technique and came to MPC which just moved to a new big studio in the Slaakhuys. It was the perfect timing! Since then I didn’t stopped and my brand “Micastricas “slowly started to come to life.

Wat voor werk maak je zoal bij Mesh?
I mainly work with fabric. I love the fact that it can be wearable but I also like to explore new techniques like layers, transparencies, patterns… At Micastricas you can find several cute things for babies, kids and grown-ups. Everything is made of organic cotton and/or is handmade. Everything started with t-shirts but right now the collection is composed by baby bodysuits, cushions, toys, tote bags and posters.


Waar haal je je inspiratie vandaan?
I get inspired from my daily life, my surroundings. My childhood, nature and animals, they are the main themes in my work. And when I have a special order I always try to find something related to that person. I also like playful things so I’m always looking for items that could trigger some kind of fun interaction.

Wat is je stijl?
Style is a very difficult question…I think it is always evolving and there are slight changes every now and then. Nothing is permanent, so my style is not a static thing, although my drawings are quite static and my trick is to play with the interaction you have with them.

Op welk print ben je het meeste trots?
I really like the matrioska style of the tree-house cushion with Anthea, the doll and the cat. I think that is the most playful and exiting thing I created. It was also a challenge, because of the scale. I always tend to create small and tiny things. So maybe coming back to the style, mine consists mostly of cute & tiny things!

Staan er nog projecten op de planning?
I’m doing a crowdfunding at Kickstarter until the end of October 2016. Finally the time arrived to take Micastricas to the next level and so I applied to go to Playtime Paris, one of the most important trade shows for babies and kids clothes and accessories. I was accepted to show my work as Micastricas and now I need the money to cover the costs and make this come to life. Please have a look and spread the word! I have plenty of great and cute rewards to offer you!

Direct link: http://kck.st/2d28djH    I’ll be eternally thankful for any kind of contribution!

Wat betekent Mesh Print Club voor jou?
Mesh Print was the beginning of a whole new journey for me, so naturally it means a lot to me! I love this opportunity of exploring the technique by yourself, the chance of meeting other illustrators, designers or simply the curiosity for the technique. Further I also have had the privilege to see Mike and Gita working on their amazing works!


Hoe/ waar kan men je producten zien/kopen?
I have an online shop: www.micastricas.com
And I’m always having new ideas for new prints and playful things, so stay posted for news.
You can also find Micastricas at Lost & Found pop up store in Coolsingel 71 and at Sluijter & Meijer in Witte de Withstraat 48A.
And to keep updated I invite you to follow Micastricas on www.instagram/micastricas/