14 mei 2015

MEMBERS ACCESS to MPC – Mon 18th May till Sat 1st Aug


To get access to the MPC Studio, you must send a mail to post@meshprintclub.com the day before your appointment in the Mesh calender, before 21:00 hrs. You might not get an immediate respons, but you will get a reply before 10:00 hrs the day of your appointment. Put in the title : Doorcode please. This is the only way to get the doorcode in the period from Monday 18th May till Saturday 1st August 2015. In the Studio you will find a phonenumber of a member of the Mesh Support Team, who is on duty that day to answer questions,  when you may have a roblem that same day.
During the same period no mails will be answered from education@meshprintclub.com, as it is closed. All mails can be sent for handling to post@meshprintclub.com.
Gita can’t be reached by phone or app either from Monday 25th May till August.